To start with, a story…

Alongside our CROIX MOUGNE vineyards, there remain a few traces of a chapel that was revered by our ancestors. It was said to have the peculiar power to cure the human body of many different diseases. In order to cure a person, you just had to place one of their belongings in a niche carved into the wall of the nave.

At the village crossroads, a cross pointed the way to the chapel hidden in the forest. One day, a winemaker living near the village decided, as a few others in the Charentes region were doing at the time, to distill his wine in order to produce the eau de vie which would become Cognac. The virtues of this new elixir appealed to the pilgrims’ quest for fulfillment, and they all quickly forgot the way to the chapel.

Then one day, the angry skies opened up, bringing down the vengeful lightning bolt, and the arm pointing the way to miracles was forever amputated from the cross. The cross was reduced to a stump, or moignon, and in the local language it became the “CROIX MOUGNE”.

A Family Operation

Our family has been raising grapes in the town of Nercillac for seven generations. Our oldest archives date to the 18th century.

Today, the estate spreads out over 25 hectares. Located in the cru of Fins Bois, 6km from Cognac and 9km from Jarnac, the estate has a calcareous clay soil and an exceptional microclimate. Our vineyard is run using integrated pest management for the best possible respect for our environment.

The grapes are pressed immediately after harvest in traditional presses. The resulting juice is allowed to ferment immediately. Afterward, our Cognac and Pineau wines are produced, with respect for tradition.